Western Riding Clinic – Ardfern, Scotland


Ever wonder why Stuart and Kathleen go back to teach in Scotland? Well, its been happening for 11 years and counting…

Could it be the scenery?

The Accommodation?

The Food?

Maybe its the riders…

Including the special Jubilee Tribute…


And a special guest rider…

But really, its the plays…

The Royal Family’s Private Olympic Games

Tina’s Group:


Anne’s Group:

How the Cowboys Invented Synchronized Swimming

Anne’s group:


Tina’s Group:


Burro Vision Song Contest

Tina’s Group:


Anne’s Group:


The winner of “Liz’s Laughing Cow Award for Funniest Actor in a Comedic Role” is…Steph!

Or maybe its the warm welcome from Lu and Nigel Boase…

Well, its everything put together…all of it!! Guest Instructor Sheri Dermody from England says its definitely “the place”!





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