2013 Rahane Classic Cowboy – Day 1 – Cowboy Obstacle Race


In March, Little Rahane Farm held their second annual Rahane Classic Cowboy weekend. Day 1 was the Cowboy Obstacle Race. It was a great day! Finalists were Stuart, Mary Ellen, Angela, Katie and Linda…with Stuart being the Day 1 winner!

Here is a very small selection of the almost 1500 pictures that were taken on that day.

IMG_8232 IMG_8225 IMG_7775 IMG_7768 IMG_7741 IMG_7711 IMG_7669 IMG_7433 IMG_7263 IMG_7028 IMG_6819 IMG_6832 IMG_7084 IMG_7306 IMG_7441 IMG_7470 IMG_7310 IMG_7091 IMG_6864 IMG_6891 IMG_7126 IMG_7327 IMG_7554 IMG_7566 IMG_7363 IMG_7146 IMG_6970 IMG_6985 IMG_7185 IMG_7381 IMG_7593 IMG_7618 IMG_7397 IMG_7192 IMG_7017 IMG_6784 IMG_6783 IMG_6761

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